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About 5PL

Harken back to the school days of youth. You were too confused by algebra, too bored by social studies and too creeped out by your four-eyed biology teacher who always seemed to stare in your direction too long. The only bright spot during the day was lunch, when you could sit with your friends and talk about literally anything.

That’s what Fifth Period Lunch is all about.

We’re just a group of young-at-heart men and women blogging about whatever pops into our mind. Most importantly, we’re here to save you from the monotony of the real world. We know you’re confused by TPS reports, bored with meetings and creeped out by the Dilbert look-alike who always seems to be too close when he talks to you.

This blog is dedicated to the smorgasbord of life. Some posts will be comical, some will be serious, some will be downright awful. Hey, it’s tough to be entertaining day in and day out.

Welcome to Fifth Period Lunch. What’s in the brown paper bag today?

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