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Irish Car Bombs or Jager Bombs?

It’s St. Patty’s Day!!!  We are going with two bombs for you to choose from to celebrate with.  Are you classy and enjoy a smooth shot?  Is St. Patrick’s Day one of your favorite holidays?  Then you are probably going with Irish Car Bombs.  I have always been a big Guinness drinker, so when someone brings over a round of Irish Car Bombs I am not only psyched, but you know the night is off to a great start!

The challenger this week is for the new school.  Do you watch a lot of Jersey Shore?  Do you have a ton of hair gel in your hair and your go to on the dance floor is the fist pump?  Do you love the candy Smarties?  Then you are all for the Jager Bomb.  A little Jager mixed with Red Bull does a body good!  Little known fact is that Jager Bombs can also run your automobile!

I may have been a little biased this week….   Jager Bombs do have the way better YouTube clip!

HA!   BUT who ya got: Irish Car Bombs or Jager Bombs!?!

Jager Bombs


Irish Car Bombs

And just for laughs!!!

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