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The Best Show on TV

(By TheWayIsHere)

Ladies and gentlemen, could I please have your attention? I’ve just been handed an urgent, and horrifying news story. I need all of you to stop what you’re doing and listen.

I was surfing through channels the other day and stumbled upon one of the… nay… THE best show on television.

You see, I just recently upgraded my Verizon Fios account. That means I get a shit ton of new channels that I never even knew existed. Channels like Blackbelt TV, Blue Highways TV and, of course, Smile of a Child. I just love my religion channels.

Anyway, as I was surfing the guide, I came across a channel called AXS TV. And on this particular channel, at this particular time of day, was a show called Drinking Made Easy.

Queue light from heaven and angelic melodies.

The premise of the show is a simple one. Three friends – Zane Lamprey, Steve McKenna and Marc Ryan – basically do a national pub crawl. Think Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, but better. The guys highlight a few of the best watering holes in each city – focusing on craft beers and specialty drinks (like the Scorpion Shot at Bad Genie in Milwaukee).

I don’t know how these guys got such an unbelievably awesome job, but consider my application submitted.

The show features eating challenges, cocktail recipes, six six-pack challenges, drinking challenges… you name it. Zane and Steve are both fucking hilarious. And jesus can they drink. Throughout the show, the two amigos constantly chug beers and pound shots all while remaining somewhat professional.

Hell, you can even play a drinking game while watching the show – check out for the rules.

As I literally now just discovered, the third season of Drinking Made Easy is starting in early October with trips to Nantucket, Anchorage, Montreal, Baton Rouge, Louisville and more.

Do yourself a favor and catch as many reruns as you can before watching the new season.

Long live Pleepleus! (You’ll understand once you watch.)

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One Comment on “The Best Show on TV

  1. Gonos
    September 21, 2012

    While I haven’t seen this show, Zane and Pleepleus and McKenna used to do a show called, “Three Sheets,” on like Universal HD or something. This sounds very much like it redone, but in America? Three Sheets was them touring the world and learning/taking part of different customs, from like 2006-08 or something. Just an awesome show, and would love to see this show too.

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