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Thirsty Thursday – 8.9.12

(By YetiVedder)

Thursday…  The day of the week where you can feel the weekend FINALLY getting here!  You can taste getting out of work on Friday, sleeping in on Saturday only to wake up and party, and sleep in again so you can get your party on for Sunday Funday!!!  But you need Thursday to get you there!  That day of anticipation!  Like a kid going to bed on Christmas Eve!  Every Thursday will now be Thirsty Thursday here at FPL.  Yeti Vedder will give you 2 drinks to choose from and you can let us know what you think is better!!!  Pretty simple concept!!!  Get you out of work mode and thinking about what your first cocktail of the weekend will be!  Week 2 is a doozy!  Are they drinks?  Are they ice cream treats?  You can eat both with a spoon, but often they give you a straw.  Wendy’s Frosty taking on McDonald’s McFlurry!  Let the debate begin!!!


Yeti Vedder’s Pick:  Although I like the variety with the McFlurry, I am voting old school.  The Frosty has that unique “What-the-hell-am-I having-right-now?” quality.  So Yeti and Wendy can continue their loving relationship.  I never liked clowns anyways!

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