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Designing the Ultimate DIY Paintball Paradise

DIY Paintball Paradise

Paintball is all about environmental immersion when gunning it out on the field. For a great DIY Paintball paradise, you want to develop a strategic battleground, requiring ingenuity and the mind of an experienced paintball tactician.

From bunkers, ravines, obstacles and ramparts, one can design a paintball field by incorporating the features of local terrain and spare materials for the ultimate paintball experience.

Plebes take cover during a paintball competition during Sea Trials, the capstone training exercise for freshmen

Photo of a Naval Academy paintball competition by the U.S. Navy via Flickr

DIY Paintball Paradise

Selecting a Theme

In order to effectively design a field, it is helpful to pick a theme. For instance, White River Paintball offers enthusiasts a variety of courses including the Alamo, a two-story fort; Cambodia, a jungle arena with bridges and munitions crates; and Bedlam City, a small urban city with nearly two dozen buildings. Looking at pictures of paintball courses and actual battlefields serves as inspiration for the design and brainstorming phase. Creating a map complete with terrain features, strong points, headquarters and obstacles is advised. The planning process is as much about fun as it is about creating a safe environment. Discuss layouts with fellow enthusiasts, friends and family.

Bunkers and Barricades

Shipping pallets make excellent bunker building materials. Though some pallets have wide spaces between wooden planks, adding old carpet to the exterior will keep paintballs and spray from penetrating the fortifications. Holes can be added to the carpet for observation points and gun turrets. Metal fence posts are excellent tools for positioning the pallets and holding them in place. Adding camouflage and barricades further enhances the effectiveness of strong points. Pallet barricades provide cover for movement in and out of bunkers.


Sheet metal, vehicles and old garage doors can be transformed into field obstacles. There is a distinct difference between creating an obstacle and creating a hazard. So it is important to remain cognizant of sharp or jagged edges, which can inadvertently hurt someone. In terms of installment, insert posts to hold objects in place, which will allow for easy repositioning as needed. Obstacles can take many different shapes and sizes. Look for Nexen tires for sale, which are easily stackable and repositioned into different formations. Tires are perhaps one of the best sources of field obstacles because of their availability, cost and weight.

Ramparts & Refilling Stations

Ramparts make for excellent refilling stations and strategic objectives. WestWorld Paintball’s courses feature carbon dioxide and compressed air filling stations for optimal paintball action. One can take old sheds or dilapidated structures and turn them into battleground fixtures. In some instances, elaborate ramparts or refilling stations may be cost prohibitive. That is why it is important to look for terrain that has existing structures that can be easily converted for paintball use. Safety should be a primary a consideration.

Natural Gameplay

Rugged terrain with gullies, dunes, trees or shrubbery makes for enthralling gameplay. One does not have to spend a fortune constructing elaborate structures. Rather, look for fields that have natural strong points and strategic areas. Sandbags are effective for turning the soil into defensive fortifications. Effective manipulation of the soil turns a regular hilltop into an observation post or defensive position.

Homemade paintball fields allow enthusiasts to stage epic fights, skirmishes and battles. Dodging a hail of paintballs by diving into a trench or hopping into a bunker is exciting if nothing else. Selecting the right theme and building materials is essential for effective gameplay and safety. Building a homemade course is a rewarding experience for paintball enthusiasts and their friends.

Field Safety

One of the most important factors for a DIY Paintball paradise that must be considered during the battleground development is safety. Safety for the players is an obvious one but field owners need to also be aware of the liability they are responsible for; a few quick tips and safety checklist for those developing a field must be taken into consideration. At the end of the day, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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