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5 Essential Items For Your Man Cave

Man Cave Essentials

Oh, the scents of pepperoni, beer and testosterone. It must be football season, and we must be in the man cave. To the football fan, not even luxury box seating at the Super Bowl can compare to having a place of his own to watch an afternoon of football. Why would you want to travel when you’ve equipped your man cave for the football season with all those luxury box perks and more?

The season is just getting started, so you still have time to put together a football lover’s man cave that will be the envy of every guy in town. Then, get out your day planner and black out all the dates of all the games, because there is going to be a party — and it’s at your house.

Must-Have Items For Your Man Cave

Not every man cave is created equally, but here are some things that every successful man cave should possess.

The View

The television is important in a man’s life under any circumstances, but during football season, it becomes the nucleus around which everything else revolves. That’s why it’s vital not to skimp on the TV when you’re building your dream cave. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to buy that high-definition or 3D television with the smart TV capabilities, good news — the time has come, and that time is now. While you’re at it, don’t forget the surround sound. Along with a gigantic TV, sound coming at you from every direction increases the reality quotient of your viewing experience.

Get All the Games

Your dream football theater would hardly be complete without the right viewing package. After all, having a television the size of your wall is useless unless you can watch every football game, from the Super Bowl on down to the local Pee Wee league play-offs. Do your research so you can have a superior sports lover’s bundle, such as the one Century Link DSL provides, up and running ASAP.

More Is Better in the Decor Department

You don’t want to your man cave to look cluttered, but you definitely should cram every piece of memorabilia from your favorite teams into this one, sacred room. Hats, team jerseys and banners for the wall are just the beginning of your devotional exhibition. Wherever you go, always be on the lookout to add autographed footballs, team pictures and anything else you can find with your favorite logo.

Full Bar, No Waiting

Bring that sports bar atmosphere right to your own man cave by installing a full bar. Yes, that means the actual bar with stools, but it also includes the items behind the bar such as an ice maker, a sink, a mini-fridge and plenty of storage for snacks and glassware sporting your team’s logo. Install a dishwasher, too, for quick clean-up after the game.

All-Important Comfort

What good would it do to bring together a monster TV with surround sound, install the ideal viewing package, put up a professional-grade bar, and deck the whole thing out with team memorabilia if you didn’t have the most comfortable seating to cradle your backside while watching a game? Residential design blog Gold Notes points out leather is the ultimate comfort option, but it isn’t necessarily a must-have. Just make sure your sofa and chairs have generous, deep seating.

What essential items do you think needs to be in every man cave across the land?

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