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Burning Bucks, Not Calories

(By YetiVedder) – Tired of reaching in your freezer only to pull out your half-eaten ice cream when it was supposed to be full? Ben & Jerry’s has created a solution to that pesky, ice cream-stealing roommate problem: a lock for your pint of ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s re-introduced the “Euphori-Lock,” a lock that slide over the lid of your ice cream and locks it.

“Worried the dessert desperados have their eyes on your favorite ice cream flavor?” Ben & Jerry’s wrote. “Hate to leave home for fear of cold-hearted pint-nappers? Tired of vain attempts to conceal your favorite passion behind the frozen peas? Ben & Jerry’s wants YOU to breathe easier!”

The lock is a two-part plastic security ring that deadbolts the lid of your ice cream which can only be unlocked with a secret code.

The best part? The Euphori-Lock is inscribed: “I’m terribly sorry, but there is no ‘u’ in ‘my pint.'” (Read the rest of the story here.)

So this has to be the dumbest invention ever.

I am a fat man, and it took me all of three seconds to beat this stupid lock.  I take a steak knife and cut right through the middle of the container like Macgyver breaking locks and shit!  BOOM, I’m eating your ice cream bitch!  So you wasted seven bucks of your hard earned money on a lock that doesn’t even protect you from the wrath of my fatness!

Understand that fatty’s will always find a way. Not to exercise, but to eat your delicious snacks!

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One Comment on “Burning Bucks, Not Calories

  1. mommyhatesme
    May 28, 2012

    Cut the entire bottom ring out, flip it upside down, and the top becomes the bottom. I now have a reinforced bottom for my stolen ice cream pint. Sweet.

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