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Great Ballpark Foods From Around MLB on Opening Day

Great Ballpark Foods During Opening Day, ESPN Business Reporter Darren Rovell began tweeting out new great ballpark foods that are popping up in concessions around Major League Baseball. I’m quite excited about some of this! Last year, you might recall, my buddies and I went to a few different baseball parks, including Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Nationals Park and the new Marlins Ballpark in Miami. Each park had something special in it for foodies.

Great Ballpark Foods

In Miami, there’s the Taste of Miami section of the stadium, where there are several Cuban vendors making amazing Cuban food, like Chicharones and pork sandwiches. This little area is pretty tough to find, strangely enough. The Chicharones, essentially, are fried pork rinds. And with a little squirt of lime, the flavor just becomes this wonderfully salty-sweet, crunchy meat chunk. Then, in Washington, D.C., we found this restaurant out in the center field bleachers that had some awesome nachos and burgers, with an absolutely awesome view of the field. And finally, in Baltimore, we found – bacon on a stick. I devoted an entire blog post to this one magnificent piece of art. Basically, it’s a big, thick slab of bacon, cooked and grilled and basted in a sweet-and-spicy Jack Daniels glaze. It pulled off the stick in sweet chunks that just melted in your mouth. All of us were just oohing and ahhhing for 10 minutes as we ate it. Speaking of bacon, here’s the West Michigan Whitecaps “Baco” — it’s a bacon taco!!! And it’s amazing! It’s like a BLT on the go!

So now, Darren Rovell posts these tweets of these great delicacies found in other stadiums. They look fantastic, and I imagine I’d rank some of these also as great ballpark foods if I got a taste.


For some reason, the meatball with spaghetti inside of it intrigues me the most. It doesn’t make any sense, but my taste buds don’t really care. Do you know of some concession snacks that you consider among the list of great ballpark foods in America?

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