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Hot Dog at a Baseball Game Etiquette (Infographic)

There’s just something natural about eating a hot dog at a baseball game. Of the four mentioned in the Infographic below, I have eaten three, missing out on the Chicago dog. And honestly, that one looks the best of them all.

Why wouldn’t you love a hot dog at a baseball game? You usually can eat it with one hand, while shaking your fists at the opposing pitcher and yelling a garbled barb at him.

A hot dog at a baseball game is almost required, really. Sure, sausage and peppers or a local food item is always good, too – but you have to save some late-inning room for a hot dog … and beer.

The All-American Hot Dog at a Baseball Game

The Dodger Dog was incredibly unimpressive. I had it in 2007, while taking a short West Coast ballpark tour. While the Dodger Dog tasted OK, hearing Vin Scully talking on the overhead speakers while you were ordering that hot dog, made it taste a little better.

Eater Guy, GonosWhile the Fenway Frank is good – you can’t beat the Monster Dog, which is a HUGE hot dog (think, not ridiculously long and thin like the Dodger Dog), and packs a ton of flavor. The Monster Dog would totally beat up the Fenway Frank, which makes it a good thing that they’re cousins.

Nathan’s Hot Dog at Yankee Stadium was good, of course, but it really is shocking to see that it cost just $3. I don’t remember anything in that building costing $3.

Marlins Park also has a great hot dog, although, I have to say, I think they used boxing gloves to place the dog inside the bun. When I got it, the bun looked like it had been used to prop open a door for a couple days.

Click on the picture to see a blown-up version.

Hot Dog at a Baseball Game Infographic

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Whichever stadium you end up at, a hot dog at a baseball game always makes the game just a little bit better.

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