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One Guy For Five Guys Burgers!

How does this guy not have a commercial deal with Five Guys burgers yet!?!


I would watch that show everyday!!! Hell, I would watch this dude host a talk show from his car, while he ate Five Guys burgers! Did you ever want a burger more then after watching this???  He got bacon on his burger and didn’t even ask for it! OUT OF CONTROL! Then out of nowhere he breaks out skidda marinky dinky dink!?!

HIRE THIS MAN! Can’t write anymore because I need Five Guys burgers right now!

I’m going to Wendy’s for a Baconator!!! I need a Five Guys near me!

Are Five Guys Burgers the Best?

I’d also like to take this time to discuss some of the better fast food burgers out there.

There’s no doubt that the Five Guys cheeseburger ranks near the top of the fast food chain, but there are several other great burgers out there, too.

  • Wendy’s Single: Sure, you can go crazy with a double or — god forbid — the triple, but you’re really missing out on all of the other great pieces to this burger when you do that. Plus, you’ll be borderline yakking before getting through your fries.
  • Burger King Whopper: Look, there’s no doubt that the fries at Burger King are nearly inedible (I said NEARLY). And Burger King onion rings will give you farts like nothing else in this world. But the Whopper blows the Big Mac out of the water. Have it my way? Thanks! I would like it free.
  • Big Mac by McDonald’s: Some like the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, but it’s a Big Mac for me at McDonald’s. In all honesty, I bypass both for the Chicken McNuggets. Or you could do the Mc69er if you wanted.
  • Five Guys Burger: I love how they try to guilt you into the double by calling the single, a Junior Burger. In reality, the double is just too sloppy. The single allows you to taste the billion condiments you got on it — and you save room for the wheelbarrow full of fresh-cut French Fries they give you.

Are you a fan of Five Guys burgers or meat patties from another fast food restaurant?

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