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Lover of Bondage: Who was the Best James Bond?

Best James Bond

My name is Vedder, Yeti Vedder. This week I want us to decide who is the best James Bond of all time. This was actually a topic of conversation at a recent family party and it is so great because every generation has had their own Bond. 

If you have seen a lot of Bond films, you have your favorite. Yeti Vedder wants to know if you were making a James Bond film using one of the actors who has played James Bond, who do you use. 

Best James Bond?

In case you forgot who the best James Bond was, here are your choices and my thoughts on them.

George Lazenby

He was Bond once, and he was Bond once for a reason. No one would use George Lazenby. Not even George’s mom. How many times has Lazenby tried to get laid off of this little piece of trivia.

Best James Bond - George Lazenby

Timothy Dalton

This was a time when everyone wanted Pierce Brosnan to play the part. Dalton was the poor man’s Brosnan. He didn’t last very long either.

In retrospect, he seems like he would have played an awesome Bond villain. And it seems like the Bond scripts that he got were relatively weak, especially compared next to “Golden Eye.”

Timothy Dalton, Best James Bond

Daniel Craig

I have to say I didn’t know who he was when he became Bond and I have to say that I am still not a huge Craig fan.

Best James Bond, Daniel Craig

Pierce Brosnan

I remember when people yearned for him to be Bond. The accent was perfect and he had the charm and looks to play Bond. Little did we know that he wouldn’t be able to fill the shoes. He was a bad-ass Remington Steele, however.

Best James Bond, Pierce Brosnan

Sean Connery

Dr. No, Goldfinger, Diamonds Are Forever? This is the O.G. or in this case the O.B.

Connery had the acting chops and was an awesome Bond. He has my vote as his movies are clearly the best.

Sean Connery, Best James Bond

Roger Moore

Made the most Bond movies and is the favorite Bond of a lot of people. It is a very close competition, but I give it to Connery over Moore.

Moore seems like the flashier, ’70s/’80s version of Bond, whereas Connery brought some grit and toughness to the role.

Roger Moore, Best James Bond

So my question is who do you think is the best James Bond? Any time you are at a party with people of different ages, ask this question and you should be able to spark a heated debate!

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One Comment on “Lover of Bondage: Who was the Best James Bond?

  1. Virginia Wino
    October 19, 2012

    I went with Moore, probably becuase he was the main bond during my childhood years. I will preface this by saying, I have not watched a lot of Bond movies with Connery, and I am certain that he killed it, just a little before my time.

    I wasn’t a big fan of Craig either, when they announced he would be taking over, however, I have found him (and the recent 007 flicks), to be oretty entertaining. Will be looking forward to Skyfall.

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