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Mr. T: I Pity the Fool That Don’t Harmonize With Me

Remember in the 80’s when Mr.T was the baddest man on the planet, telling everyone, “I pity the fool!”? He was kicking Rocky’s ass and headlining the first Wrestlemania!  Little did we know that he was just a mama’s boy! 

Was this video the downfall of Mr. T’s career? Was this when everyone was like, well Mr. T isn’t that tough! I mean just because he has a mo-hawk, wears 75 huge gold chains, and wears the sweetest pair of cut off jean shorts in the world, doesn’t mean he is tough! 

I still wouldn’t mess with the man, but singing songs about your mama in tube socks makes you just a little less intimidating!

Mr. T History

Mr-T -- I Pity the Fool

I would totally listen to this kid if I were you. Give him his damn bottle!

Many might not remember just what an incredibly big star Mr. T was in the early ’80s. He started out as a bouncer, and a bodyguard to guys like Michael Jackson and Muhammad Ali (how does he need a bodyguard!?!) Then he won “America’s Toughest Bouncer” contest on NBC, where he met Sylvester Stallone.

Of course, he went on from there to play Clubber Lang in Rocky III, one of the best Rocky’s of all! Then he landed a great gig as B.A. Baracus on “The A Team.” He even had a guest role on “Silver Spoons,” and he had a cartoon. This guy really did seem to do it all!

Heck, in 2006, the guy even had his own reality TV show on TV Land called, you guessed it, “I Pity the Fool!

I Pity the Fool Highlight

Check the :36 mark when T breaks up the fight and all of a sudden has backup singers and a microphone in his back pocket!  Do you know how many times in my life I have wanted that to happen!  Too many to count! 

I pity the fool that don’t treat their mama’s right!

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