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9 Names of Songs You Always Get Wrong

Just like how you always sing, “Wrapped up like a douche,” during Manfred Mann’s “Blinded By the Light,” there are a certain names of songs that you always get wrong, as well. We’re trying not to be a dick when we correct you … we really are … but you insist on telling people the wrong song names at every turn.

… and we want to punch you.

(There is no truth to the rumor that we always got these names of songs wrong for years, too! And we only learned the real names after someone made fun of us and now we’re just bitter and we want to redirect the anger! …)

Hey … here’s a concept songwriters of the world – NAMES OF SONGS SHOULD BE SOMEWHERE IN THE DAMN SONG! It’s always funny when you try to search <a href=”[]?rel=author”>Google</a> for a song you don’t know the name of. “Ummm, find ‘song with Viking sounds and lyrics about ‘The Hobbit’ or something.'”

So let’s talk wrong song names!

9 Names of Songs You Always Get Wrong

Without question, the song names that are the toughest are the ones that have a hard-hitting lyric in the chorus that SHOULD be the name. My first nominee for “King of the Wrong Names of Songs” is from The Who. I think this song has to be the most commonly wrong referenced song ever!

1. Wrong: “Teenage Wasteland” – Right: “Baba O’Riley”

The fact that “Baba O’Riley” is also the song they use as the opening theme to CSI:NY makes things that much more complicated.

2. Wrong: “Rat in a Cage” – Right: “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”

We will also not accept, “The World is a Vampire.” This chipper diddy from Smashing Pumpkins, from the Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness album in 1995. Wouldn’t you love to see Billy Corrigan join the new cast of “Celebrity Apprentice,” and we find out he’s really this goofy fella that loves to juggle while he thinks.

3. Wrong: “Tear Your World Apart” – Right: “Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)”

OK, this one is kinda cheap, considering a lot of people likely call it, “Heartbreaker,” which is apparently correct as an alternative name. Seriously, who names a song two names!?! Oh yeah, the same people that name their song, “Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo.” You’d expect an anthem for dog poop. I bet they wanted to call

4. Wrong: “Everybody Must Get Stoned” – Right: “Rainy Day Woman No. 12 & 35”

I almost want to cut everyone a break here, since names of songs that talk about getting stoned are likely listened to more by people that love to get stoned, means there’s going to be a few mistakes here and there. Plus, even when many of us get names of songs right, we still get them wrong because we forget the “No. 12 & 35” part. And you know some douche would remind you about it … Probably me.

5. Wrong: “I Need Your Love” — Right: “Unchained Melody”

And no, we will not accept, “That song from ‘Ghost’ when Demi Moore has ghost sex at the potter’s wheel!”

6. Wrong: “That Song P-Diddy Redid” — Right: “Kashmir”

Led Zeppelin loves them song weird names of songs. I like to imagine they fill a bag with some letters from Scrabble, pour it out and go with the closest word it produces. Apparently, people also call this song, “Let Me Take You There,” which is still wrong.

7. Wrong: “Ohio” – Right “My City Was Gone”

If I had a nickel for every awesome song about Akron, Ohio, that people called the wrong title … Something tells me people from Cleveland would KILL to have this be their city’s theme song over “Cleveland Rocks” from “The Drew Carey Show.”

8. Wrong: “We Love Norway!” – Right “Immigrant Song”

Had to toss this one in, even though I don’t really think many people really call it anything referring to Norway. Maybe this is just one of those names of songs that I always get wrong, and not everyone else … Crap. Apparently, it’s about a trip they took to Iceland or Scandinavia or Minnesota, I forget.

9. Wrong: “That Surfy Sounding Song from Pulp Fiction” – Right “Misirlou”

The song became popular again after Quentin Tarantino’s film broke out in the mid-‘90s, but you really have to watch this video. It starts kinda cool, then it turns into a video featuring Don Draper and the Mad Mad Mad Mad Men. You have to love some rockers that wear suits and ties not ironically.

Well, I hope you enjoyed learning about all of these names of songs you’ve gotten wrong for a couple decades now. I want to hear what wrong names of songs I’m missing. (Of course, I probably knew the right name of it … Of course.)

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