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Anyone Need Headphones?

(By BluCowboy)

So, as per usual, Kate Upton is selling more shit, and as per usual, I’m buyin’.  If you’re a company that sells anything, and I mean anything, and Kate isn’t your model, then you’re fucking out!  Get your shit together and quit fucking around because you are just wasting my time.  She must rake in a cool million for these endorsements, and if she doesn’t it’s a crime.

At this point you have to think that every marketing professor in the country is just loving their job.  First day of class, “Get Kate Upton in a bikini and watch the fucking money flow.  Now go home and rub one out.”

Get me that fucking brand of bubbles, right now!  I’m not even sure if she is wearing headphones in those last two pictures, because I cant divert my eyes away from those mammaries, so I guess in that sense she is pretty useless.  I just absolutely NEED a Kate Upton sex tape!

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