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Bart Simpson song, “Do the Bartman” — When MTV Played Videos

So I am not going to just rag on this video.  This week I am simply taking you back to my childhood.  This Bart Simpson song and video are simple proof that “The Simpsons” was the biggest TV show in the world!

I remember owning this tape (I’m old) and playing it all the time, while thinking that Bart Simpson was the coolest kid on the planet.  Thinking of how bad ass I was while wearing the Bart Simpson t-shirt that had him saying, “I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?”

That was considered dangerous back in my elementary school days!  Nowadays, I’m sure that shirt wouldn’t even get a second glance.

This Bart Simpson song is and always will be corny as hell, and the lyrics may be the biggest pile of cow dung this side of the Mississippi, but 12-year-old Yeti Vedder ate this stuff up!

So take a minute this weekend, have a sip of your beer and then escort a fine looking lady on to the dance floor and ask her if she’d like to Bartman with you!  Unless you’d rather ask her to eat your shorts.  That works as well! There should have been an entire Bart Simpson song about that.

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