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Marine Corps “Call Me Maybe” FTW!

(By BluCowboy)

Step aside, ladies of Monmouth, you just got got.  What’s better than a Call Me Maybe video that takes place in an airport choreographed by a bunch of women who look better suited to be gracing the cover of a Lane Bryant catalogue?  How about a bunch of dudes taking a break from ass raping towel heads to completely change the lip syncing game forever?

The college bros and hoes thought they had this CMM shit on lock but these Jarheads, having just finished fine-tuning a billion dollar aircraft, showed everyone why the US Military dominates everything they do.  Discipline.  Here’s the problem with college chicks, somewhere along the line it became commonplace to leave high school and immediately pack on the weight, meanwhile, guys will always be guys and we’ll stick our dick in you whether you’re 120 or 220.  So, these skanks think they can do no wrong…well guess what women of Monmouth, I may have been fooled by your siren song once, but I won’t get fooled again!

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