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Monmouth Women’s Lacrosse FTW!

(By BluCowboy)

If you’re going to make a viral lip sync video to Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe, you better go fucking balls out!  Every Tom, Dick and Harry is making a video at this point and most are fucking atrocious.  However, I am a sucker for the song and an even bigger sucker for decent looking college Coeds dancing around to it, so with that in mind, please humor me for a bit.  I’m not going to do a full on breakdown, but I would like to point out some of the pro’s and con’s of what I find to be the best Call Me Maybe vid out there…


The video takes place in an airport…

This is the kind of dedication I like to see.  If you’re gonna make a video you don’t half-ass it in your collegiate locker room, you go out there for all the world to see.  Force people to become extras in your shitty YouTube video, and don’t take no for an answer!


The video takes place in an airport…

While I admire the dedication I am certain that these bitches have a not so hidden agenda.  Any chance these girls are just attention whores who have to have all eyes on them at all times?  Yea, 100%.


0:41:  Sorry Lurch, no one wants to call you maybe.  Also, 0:47: I hope you bought that fucking banana that you just put up to your syphilis lips


1:27: Ginger!

I have always wanted to spend the night in a ginger’s love dungeon. However, now that I am married that dream can no longer become reality, so until my wife smartens up and files for divorce I am stuck beating off to Maci from Teen Mom and this chick right here…


2:00:  Nice moves Travolta, probably not gonna get you laid in that stupid fucking Italia shirt though.


2:09:  Great choreography coupled with a solid backwards worm makes for one of the best parts of the video…Normally fat chicks have a tough time doing much of anything, so this girl deserves some serious kudos.


Pretty much every other part of the video, including the final minute of the video which I’ll admit I didn’t even get through.  I’ll give credit where it is due and I liked the finished product, but that doesn’t mean I want to sit through your creative process…go out while you’re on top I always say.

All in all a solid effort by these Title IX chicks.  You may be wondering why the Monmouth men’s lacrosse team didn’t make a video…well that’s because there is no men’s lacrosse team.  Thanks to political correctness the Fighting Scots are forced to watch women do the work of men.

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4 Comments on “Monmouth Women’s Lacrosse FTW!

  1. Kailey
    May 27, 2012

    Hey thanks for the critiques..

    -the editor of the video

  2. blucowboy
    May 27, 2012

    Normally I’m really good at detecting sarcasm but I’m drawing a blank on this one…either way, you girls keep rocking these vids and I’ll keep blogging about ’em…a simple request though…more Kelly Dalton…

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