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Old People Dancing! Dougie, Raves and The Dancing Nana!

Old People Dancing
“Guess who’s back? Back again. Old People Dancing is back. Tell your friends!”

I have always wanted to make a TV show called “Old People Dancing.” It is always the best thing to watch. Any time you are at a wedding or a large event and an old couple busts out some crazy dance moves, it always makes everyone’s day! So this is my attempt at a pilot for an Old People Dancing TV show.



Either I’m on acid that is super strong or this old woman’s clothes are changing color! If you didn’t laugh every time that old woman did the “what’s up” pose then you have serious issues my friend. Imagine, she is just walking to the mailbox to see if her TV Guide has come in because we all know that old people are the only peeps that still use the TV Guide. All of a sudden her favorite tune Teach Me How Dougie starts playing so she busts a move AND her clothes change color! Not only can she teach you how to Dougie, but she always has some kind of Sherbert Ice Cream for you in her freezer.



Speaking of bad acid trips, does this lady know where she is? It seems like she was taking her grandchildren Esteban and Stefan out for a nice walk and they happened to get trapped in a street rave! I absolutely hate getting trapped in a street rave, but granny has moves! She slipped out of there no problem. This obviously was not her first rave. She used to attend raves during the Great Depression with FDR himself! Rumor has it that her grandchildren, Esteban and Stefan were never seen or heard from again. People say they have seen them dancing with glow sticks, but you never can tell at raves because that is what everyone is doing.



This old woman is my favorite of all time! She has a swagger that tells the entire neighborhood, “Hey! I’m dancing here!” It literally takes her almost the whole song to get down the steps because she is dancing her little Depends wearing ass off! The song? PERFECT! The moves? PERFECT! But if you don’t watch this video to the very end you are REALLY missing out!!! I have done 4 episodes and this is the first one where the Dancing Nana tells you how often she could dance! I literally spit my coffee out when I heard her! The craziest part about this “experiment” of Old People Dancing is that this is our 5th edition of it and I don’t see it slowing down any time soon! I could write these blogs all fucking day!!!

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