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Old People Dancing Part III

(By YetiVedder)

The greatest TV show ever produced by Yeti Vedder.  ABC Family calls me once a week for the rights, but I will never sell the rights to Old People Dancing.  Why don’t we see what dance moves these elder spokesmen are doing this week!

I guess we know who carries this couple on the dance floor!  She does the old person go-to of covering her ears due to noise.  I’m surprised she didn’t tell the other couple dancing to get off of her lawn.  Lucky for Crab Apple Sue, her man knows there is one set of footprints on the dance floor, because he carries her ass the entire time.  This guy has moves for days!  He really takes the cake at the :56 second mark with a move that literally almost knocks him over.  Lucky for everyone there I am sure he has a Life Alert Chain around his neck.

Sometimes you just need a little encouragement.  Sometimes you don’t.  This old man is getting on his knees,  sticking his ass in faces, getting into  3 point stances, and simply owning this dance floor.  I love that after every move he does, he gives himself a clap of approval!  I also love the 1:08 cameo of the circle of trust taking the word rhythm and just crapping all over it! Those folks put the party into wedding party!!


Last but certainly not least, who needs music to pull off crazy dance stunts!  This old man just showing off, doing handstands, and balancing himself on a bottle…  WAIT…WHAT!!!  What the hell is with the A-holes just walking away like they see 90 year old men doing hand stands in public all the time!?!?  WTF!!!  Then he pulls out the most masterful move ever by planking on a champagne bottle!!!  This guy is in killer shape and also never misses an early bird special!  He is in better shape then myself and 90% of people that I know, and he also can tell them about when he used to walk to school in the snow barefoot, uphill both ways when he was a boy!

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