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TV Show Idea: Old People Dancing

I have always wanted to make a TV show called “Old People Dancing.” It is always the best thing to watch.  Any time you are at a wedding or a large event and an old couple busts out some crazy dance moves, it always makes everyone’s day! So this is my attempt at a pilot for an “Old People Dancing” TV show. Let me know what you think!

This old woman is awesome!  90 years old and straight dancing around like she doesn’t go to bed at 4pm! This chick is up until  AT LEAST 5pm and doesn’t pass out until two to three glasses of warm milk.  What I mean is that she can hang!  What is up with her being fine until her grandson almost drops her!?!  If you can’t dance, don’t dance bro.  Granny knows what she is doing!  Hips don’t lie!  They break,  but they don’t lie!

Everyday I am shuffling indeed!  This guy knows how to break stuff down.  He is ruining the dance floor and then out of nowhere? CHALLONGE! Other old man comes in to the scene to make this a legit dance battle! I have socks winning this battle. The second old guy was sloppy with his moves and no one likes a sloppy dancer!

I totally get this. If I were a young guy at a wedding I would be all up on this as well.  At her age and experience she can easily handle the three guys she is dancing with, if not more!  Her moves are so seductive it hurts!  She was actually the woman that taught Dougie how to Dougie. Back then it was just called Bump and Grind, which I see nothing wrong with.

Did you know that old people dancing even makes cute babies say, “Awwww!”?

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