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So That Happened… – 9.25.12

(By YetiVedder)

So this is the bad ass Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin singing Blueberry Hill.  This video is beyond bizarre.  It starts with Putin playing piano at the level of a kid that just started lessons.  Then he sings in front of movie stars at dinner and they are eating it up!  I am pretty sure he slept with Sharon Stone about 5 minutes after he walked off stage.  I don’t want to put down my man Putin’s skills, but he has the stage presence of a dead person.  Now that I wrote this I am a little nervous about going missing.  So if for some reason I don’t write for a few weeks you know Putin didn’t like me making fun of his singing abilities and got the KGB after me!

On a side note, why hasn’t Obama done something like this?  That would 100% swing my vote his way.  Get some old celebs in a room as I am pretty sure they have nothing else going on, and sing a very random song.  I’m requesting Louie Louie!   If Mitt was to sing something I’d want him to do the song Shout.  They should do this instead of debating or at least during the debates.  America would love this!  I’m Yeti Vedder and I approve this post!

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