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Rock ‘n Roll Royalty Choices: Springsteen and Dylan

This week’s question is simple and something I have had hours of debates on. Anyone that knows me knows that I am a huge Bruce Springsteen fan and that I am very biased towards his work. I will even go out on a limb and say that Bruce is the greatest American Rock ‘n Roll songwriter of all time. I’m talking lyrics and song. The whole sha banga bang! But people always try to choose between Springsteen and Dylan.

Every time I bring this up, someone in the crowd says I have to be crazy. They always bring up Bob Dylan and say that Bruce isn’t even in Bob’s league.  They have both had very long careers and I would say over Bruce’s career he has had much better albums than Bob Dylan.

Springsteen and Dylan: Battle Royale

I would say “Born To Run,” “Born In The USA” and “The Rising” are all better complete albums than any album Bob Dylan has ever put out! There I said it!

Understand, of course, that Dylan is actually for a different generation, and his music had a purpose felt by most of the youth in America in the ’60s.

But with Springsteen, his music also had a message, and he was always fighting for the working man that never seemed to catch a break. His music also seemed to have a bigger geographical edge to it, especially in the northeast, near the Jersey Shore.

But from a pure music standpoint, there’s no debate in my opinion — it’s the Boss, all the way.

You have something you want to add, comment away and I will totally argue my points on this! I don’t hate Bob Dylan.  I just think Springsteen is a better songwriter!  So share your thoughts and vote or comment below, with your choice between Springsteen and Dylan!

                Springsteen and Dylan

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