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When MTV Played Videos: Fat Boys Do The Twist

How many Sweet 16 parties do you think start the same way this music video does?  A little brat just begging for the Fat Boys to play her party!  I mean this must happen constantly!  I had no idea the fat kid from the movie “Old School” was in the Fat Boys!  How was this song popular in the 80’s?  It was so popular that the Fat Boys and Chubby Checker did a second song together!!!

I want to know who the music wizards were that put this pairing together!  I smell hit with three fat guys and a 60-year-old Chubby Checker.  You know what will make Chubby Checker more hip with the kids? Give him a weird side mullet! So many precious moments in this video, but here are the three that stand out to me!

1:02-  The Fat Boys just sitting around with their thoughts.  Their thoughts consist of Chubby Checker, apples, donuts, the words new and improved, green jello, and the guy in the middle pictures himself sticking his tongue out.   DEEP THOUGHTS by the Fat Boys.

2:30-  The guy in the white suit.  Need I say more?!

3:00-  The two girls that show up to the party in a bikini. Are you serious?  You can’t just go to a girl’s Sweet 16 party in a bikini!  You’ll take all the attention away from the birthday girl!  Have you ever seen an episode of “Sweet 16”?   Ridiculous!

Is the rapping in Fat Boys Do The Twist the worst rapping you have ever heard?   I’d say yes…  Yes it is!

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