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When MTV Played Videos

(By YetiVedder)

So I always thought that this song was one of the laziest songs ever written.  NOW I know it was!  The video is even lazier!  It literally looks like The Police woke up, put on their ski gear, walked outside their condo and shot footage for all of 30 minutes and was like, “That’s good enough!”

Video Highlights?

:40 second mark when Stewart Copeland gives Sting the international sign for romantic tickles…

Synchronicity takes a whole new meaning when you have synchronized skiing!

3:25 second mark where Sting wipes his ski snots…  Nothing says music video moment like ski snots!

I’m just surprised that there was no sledding. I guess they were saving that for the Roxanne video!

P.S. Do you think The Police still synchronize ski at all?

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