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When MTV Played Videos – 6.1.12

(By YetiVedder)

Now THIS is what I am talking about.  Jean Jackets?  CHECK!  Dirty Mustaches?  CHECK!  Typical 80’s chick wearing some leather? CHECK!  Playing air instruments? CHECK times five!!!  TIMES FIVE!!!  This video has it all!!!  People playing keyboards on the wall.  Guys going nose-to-nose for no reason at all.  The drummer playing barrels like no one will notice!  Journey’s drummer is awesome in this video.  He just looks like a dirty, dirty man!

Highlight of the video?  The :55 second mark when the keyboard player is just scratching like a tiger.  Might be one of the greatest video dance moves ever!   You know the director was yelling at him!  “YOU’RE A TIGER!”  “YOU’RE A TIGER!”

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