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When MTV Played Videos – 6.15.12

(By YetiVedder)

Well, Toto completely outdid themselves here.  The concept behind this music video?  No fucking idea!  It looks like they become a mini band that plays on top of an Africa book in an African library?  Just a mini person band like the Brownies from Willow (nerd alert!) rocking out.  The librarian is quite the looker, but seriously she has nothing on the strapping young lads in Toto.  I bet we can’t even comprehend how much Toto ass this band got.  Why did these guys even need to play instruments with their modelesque looks!

Video Highlights:

:45 – Where Skippy from Family Ties is rocking out on the drums…  That has to be him, right???

2:18 – Where the guy seems so sweaty from lip synching?   He may be dirtier than the drummer from Journey.  Please refer back to my previous Journey post to see what I mean.  FILTHY OFF!  WHO WINS THE FILTHY OFF?!

3:51 -When the lead singer finds the Africa book.  The look of a proud papa.  Just priceless!  Watch anytime he “reads.”  The Academy Award goes to…!

Well done Toto…  Well done!

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One Comment on “When MTV Played Videos – 6.15.12

  1. SacDaddy82
    June 20, 2012

    Nice Willow reference!

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