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When MTV Played Videos – 6.22.12

(By YetiVedder)

I know…  I know…  You don’t make fun of 1980’s Michael Jackson.  You don’t make fun of nose number two.  Every nose after that is game, but nose number two made Thriller!  But I just couldn’t let this video slide!  As a kid I never really knew what was happening.   Here is my best guess as a grown man…

Michael is unhappy that a gang fight is happening so he goes there to break it up by making them dance together.  Little did he know that both of these extremely tough gangs could dance their little asses off!  Not only were they street tough, but they could pick up dance moves on the fly!!!  Sound about right?


From :01-:25 seconds.  A lot happens here.  First why won’t the 2 dudes that are at the same pool hall/deli sit together?  Does one smell?  They could have discussed the upcoming rumble!  Do I even need to talk about the line up snapping???  You know how many fights I have been to when that happens!??  Zero…  You could totally see it happening!

:28-  Gang members hiding in sewers.  I will say it again…  Gang members in sewers!   Maybe the 2 guys at the beginning did smell!

1:49- The gang pickup truck.  If you are not at the spot they said they would pick you up, then you are getting left there!!!  Michael missed the pickup truck!

4:18- The greatest music video dance move ever created!  I could watch that again and again and again and it never gets old!!!  How does convulsing guy not have his own dance studio???

So well done Michael.  With a song named “Beat It” I probably would have gone with something simple like a dude reading a Playboy and then he walks into a room, shuts the door, we don’t see him for another 2 minutes, and then he walks out with the face of a sinner…  But that’s just me!

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