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When MTV Played Videos – 7.13.12

(By YetiVedder)

Ummm…  Errr…  Okay, here goes nothing!  First off the two twin chicks are pretty damn ho-…  What?  What!?!?  They are dudes!!!   That is just crazy talk!  How many times do you think those two ” dudes” were mistaken for ladies at the bars?  I’d say anytime they went to the bar.   I have absolutely no idea what the Nelson Brothers were going for in this video, but here goes nothing.  Honestly, you can watch the first 2 and a half minutes of this video and completely not pay attention to the rest as it is just Nelson playing some horrible song.  So let me break down the first half for ya.

This punk 18 year old lives in a trailer and his dad is sick of buying him tapes.  This kid is spoiled rotten if his dad was buying him tapes at 18 while living in a trailer park!  We know dad isn’t making the big bucks living in a trailer park and we also know how easily he could have just bought blank tapes and recorded the songs off the radio!  Problem solved pops!  This dad started working at 12 and had been in the service which is pretty impressive!!!   Papa Dukes has been through A LOT!!!   (P.S. The wife is famous???  Right???  Why was she in this video???  I bet I know her one acting regret!


THIS VIDEO IS JUST STARTING!!!  At the 1:13 mark the two chicks that the kid has a poster of on his wall come to life and invite him into the Poster World!  I’m totally going into Poster World with two chicks that…  Oh wait they are dudes!  I keep forgetting this.  Whatever!  Don’t judge me!

I guess you only get invited into Poster World so often!   Now once in Poster World you get to do Matrix things with an Indian.  Then that Indian takes you to a horrible concert and has his way with you???  Poster World seems pretty damn awful if you ask me!  Is anyone confused yet?  Great!  Keep watching for the horrible concert.  Then the kid ends up in bed with a feather to remember the Indian that had his way with him at a Nelson concert.  NOW it all makes sense!  THE END!

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