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When MTV Played Videos – 7.20.12

(By YetiVedder)

One of my biggest memories of Starship was when they played my hometown festival.  Some other big acts that played Cumberlandfest???  Davy Jones (RIP), Bam Bam Bigelow, and my high school band that was called Pimp Daddy.  SO Starship were pretty big back in their day.  They invented the 2Pac hologram in this video!  Tell me you don’t want to party with the 2 dudes that appear at the :21 second point.  The guitarist just rocking out in his finest Don Johnson jacket!

Anyways, the holograms aren’t weird until the :40 second mark when that lioness appears out of nowhere on the right hand side.  She is just stone cold grilling the lead singer.  I am just waiting for her to open up her mouth and eat him.  Then half of a head appears on the left hand side because that makes sense.  Lastly they have a dude using a hand for a telephone.  This all makes perfect sense when being a hologram person.  Are we confused yet?  I totally know where this is going.

If you had your money on face close ups with the lead singer singing his ass off at Abraham Lincoln then you are the big winner my friend!  I mean who didn’t see that coming?!?!  BUT NO ONE, and I mean no one saw Abraham Lincoln singing his ass off back at him at the 1:30 mark.  You do not build a city out of rock and roll without the permission of Abraham Lincoln!

So next the crazy broad starts singing and she looks exactly how I described her.   Crazy!  She has a look in her eye that she might just put your rabbit in the microwave.  She sings so powerfully that she makes the huge dice fall and roll after everyone!  I thought we were building a city, not destroying it!  Who is going to clean up the mess those huge dice are going to make!?!  Between the huge dice and Abe Lincoln I have already laughed my ass off!  BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!!

At the 3:45 the token dirty drummer show up and this guy takes the cake of dirty drummers.  Mullet? Check! Stache?  Check!  White gloves? Check!  Wifebeater T-Shirt?  Check!  And of course in a 1980’s video you must be playing the drums on barrel!  It is a rule!  Then at the 4:10 the zombies have come to eat the band???  This makes sense as they are pissed off at the building of a city with loud rock and roll music!  This brings the video to an end and now we know where cities come from.   Thank you for this video of information Starship!

****2 other highlights!
4:27-  The dirty drummer’s drum solo!  AWESOME!

4:48- The extremely manly dance the lead singer does as he jumps up and down!!!

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