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When MTV Played Videos – 7.27.12

(By YetiVedder)

Who knew this music video existed???  I didn’t!  Rocky IV highlights with some of the greatest dance moves I have ever witnessed!  Robert Tepper just doing his best to look EXACTLY like Michael Bolton while doing some very manly dance moves.  Honestly who thought him dancing in a basement with Rocky IV clips was a good idea?   Besides me of course!!!  Is that duster making you jealous???  It makes me jealous!!!  I would wear that bad boy 24/7!!!  Then all of a sudden he one ups himself at the 1:30 mark and slips the duster off, only to be wearing a vest that would make a professional billiards player very jealous!


2:30-  He makes the duckiest face known to man.   Robert Tepper just ducking his basement up!!!

P.S.  Why does every 80’s video have barrels in it???   I’m pretty sure if he just walked up stairs that would be the easy way out of his basement.  Bravo, Mr. Tepper!!!   Bravo!!!

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