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When MTV Played Videos – 8.17.12

(By YetiVedder)

Are you kidding me right now?  Did Billy Joel steal my idea for a dancing auto repair shop!?!  Think about it.  Is there any place worse to wait then at a garage while your car is being fixed?  First off you are pissed that your car needs to be fixed and second you are pissed that the mechanics are not singing and dancing!  Well not at this repair shop!  Do you know how often I would get my car fixed if the guys who fixed it weren’t dicks that told me I needed a new furbulator belt?  Everyday!  I would drive a car with brakes that worked and more then one windshield wiper.  What is a furbulator belt?  I made it up…  And usually so do auto mechanics.  Like we would know the difference.

The only thing that the garage owner would have to worry about is the work not getting done because the mechanics are getting so much tail!

Highlights from the video:  Christie Brinkley in her prime!  HOLY TOLEDO BATMAN!  Notice how she became less and less hot after she married Billy Joel?  Coincidence?  I think so.  You can dance with the dancing mechanic, but you never marry one!

Real Video Highlight:  2:35-  Nothing says break dancing like Uptown Girl!  Every time I hear this song I need to break out the old cardboard and just worm and robot all over the place!  Why did men in the 80’s wear half shirts and how come it isn’t in style anymore?  I’m going to bring it back!  I’m letting my gut hang out of my half shirt the rest of the summer!

Just like in real life no cars were fixed during the making of this video.

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