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When MTV Played Videos – 8.24.12

(By YetiVedder)

I love how this video starts like the two mega stars, Philip Bailey and Phil Collins are going to some super spy set.  They have helicopters and all sorts of people working for them on the crazy set!  WRONG!   They were just going on your local public access show!  That is exactly what this music video reminded me of.  Especially the parts where they go off the recording and they are actually singing.   Tell me that this video doesn’t remind you of a 3AM public access show and I will call you a liar!

This video is just two bros having a good time.  Dancing at each other on film.  Goofing like school children on a public access TV show.  I salute the 2 gents named Phil on a job well done!

Highlight of the video:  1:20- When the director thought it was a GREAT idea to include Phil Collins getting a hair cut.  GENIUS!!!  I would call that moment Fantastic Sam!  See what I did there?  Where is my advertisement money!

P.S.  This song is about slutty women, right?  Not one in the whole video!  Two dudes flirting the entire time!

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