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When MTV Played Videos – 8.3.12

(By YetiVedder)

This girl pretty much wants everyone that has serious business to do to just dance their asses off.  This is what I got out of this video.  Oh the dunce sitting in a classroom alone wearing a dunce hat?  He seems perfectly normal.  Is it just me or does the video start with him having to pee?  Let the dunce go to the bathroom!!!   Little did we know this dunce is the fanciest 3rd grader in the world.  How many 3rd graders do you know go to school in a full tuxedo?  In my opinion not enough!  That may be what is wrong with our education system…  Not enough kids in tuxedos!

Next we have a man trying to work on his opera and this little vixen comes in and distracts the shit out of him!  Let the man do his work!  Instead he goes crazy, jumps on the piano, and kicks all of his framed pictures on the ground!  My first question is who is cleaning up this mess?  My second question is why do you write music when you are the best dancer in the world?  Bad career choice bro!

Last she goes to the football field to try and seduce an athlete.  This leads to the HIGHLIGHT of the video!!!  The 2:30 point when the player shows why he was captain of his varsity team by doing some of the manliest dance moves Yeti Vedder has ever seen.  I’m surprised more Defensive Linemen don’t do that during games!!!   This dude is way too focused on his dance moves to ever think about going home with Deniece Williams.

Not that she’ll have any issues because out of nowhere 30 guys show up to the football field to dance until they can’t dance no more!!!  This pretty much happened every weekend when I was in high school.   One girl hanging at a football field only to have us all show up to try to woo her with dance.  Whether it be curling weights, fire dancing, doing the worm in a half shirt, or just doing some kung fu moves, we have all been there, right fellas?  I always left by back flipping off of the field as well.  So this video is pretty much based on a true story, right???

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2 Comments on “When MTV Played Videos – 8.3.12

  1. TheWayIsHere
    August 3, 2012

    That kid in the tux definitely grew up to be a heterosexual male, right?

  2. ucTQ
    October 12, 2012

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