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When MTV Played Videos – 8.31.12

(By YetiVedder)

Air Supply putting the love into love making!  Does this video remind anyone else of a Mentos commercial?  I am just waiting for the girl to pull a pack of Mentos out at the end of the video and have someone say, “Mentos, the fresh maker.”  I know I am showing my age here, but doesn’t the lead singer look exactly like Janet from Three’s Company?  No one knows where she is now, so maybe it could be her???

The best part of this video?  How about the fact that Air Supply is just a band of pimps!!!  Sleeping with one girl in the bed and fantasizing about another.  Private jetting it all over the place just to find the next piece of tail!  Who knew?

Highlight of the Video:  1:53 – When the random flower woman shows up to give Romeo a flower in slow motion!  I kept thinking he was going to go in for the kill with her as well.  I really thought the old flower woman was going to be deflowered by the lead guitarist of Air Supply.  Could you blame her?  She was just another notch in the belt!

2nd Highlight:  2:55 –  When the photo of the blonde bombshell comes to life and turns a cold shoulder on Rico Suave.  Her face is PRICELESS!  Is this picture disappointed?  You better believe it!  Then she goes to show you that she has never packed a suitcase by herself at the 3:08 point.  Seriously lady?  You are going to travel like that?   You would never get by airport security!

Air Supply…  Showing you how to make love out of nothing at all!  Thanks Air Supply!

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