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When MTV Played Videos – 9.17.12

(By YetiVedder)

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! This video could give you a seizure. Seriously, you can tell this video was made in the 80’s because doctors would never allow this to be made today. You’d have kids freaking out everywhere. I do love this song though! The year this song came out how many times do you think college kids asked each other if they wanted to have fun or Wang Chung? I would have asked every freaking day! What exactly is Wang Chunging? Well from the looks of the video it sort of looks like it means to flog the dolphin. The singer 100% looks like he is visiting Naughtyville ! Especially the first 10 seconds of the video when he is giving the camera a very sinful look. So maybe when they were asking if you wanted to have fun or Wang Chung that is what they meant? An age old mystery finally solved!


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