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When MTV Played Videos: Love is a Battlefield

Any video that starts with gentle talking is pretty great in my book!

“Love is a Battlefield” all starts with Pat Benatar getting kicked out of her house by her dad.  I like how dad gave Pat the time to sing some of her thoughts between his sentences.  I was just waiting for dad to tell her to stop singing at him!

Next, Pat takes a bus to a seedy city and just sings all over the place.  I don’t know why she is freaked out by anyone! You’re the one singing in public!

She then decides to take a job at a club where she has to slow dance. Do these clubs still exist? If so I’d be willing to slow dance for money. If there is a club where Yeti Vedder can slow dance with the ladies for money, I will send you my resume pronto!!!

Anyway, she hates this job.

I guess she just doesn’t enjoy the slow dancing and wants to be a mover and a shaker! This is shown at the 3:20 mark where Pat literally threatens the club owner with dance moves. I love how he runs back in horror of dance.  I get it buddy — the way Pat Benatar is shaking her boobs at you is very intimidating!  I’m pretty sure her dance moves are the least complicated dance moves I have ever seen.   Maybe that is why he is so scared.  He can’t believe how bad of a dancer Pat Benatar is!

Now, the greatest part of the “Love is a Battlefield” video is where Pat Benatar and the girls leave the club. Pat and the ladies literally create every handshake that has ever existed!

High five? Check!

Thumbs up?  Check!

Shoulder touch? Check!

Fist pound? Check!

Hugs? Check!

Even a salute! Pat Benatar invented every cool kind of handshake!?! Who knew? So to all you fist pounders and high fivers out there, you owe Pat Benatar and her “Love is a Battlefield” video for every time you do her moves! Thank you, Pat!

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