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When MTV Played Videos: Puttin’ on the Ritz

Sooo last night I ate some Mexican Food before I went to bed and had one of the worst nightmares. When I was searching for this week’s video I came across this doozy and I had deja vu. That must be how the artist got the name Taco. You eat a delicious burrito or chimichanga and try to catch some shut-eye and then BAM!  Taco appears to haunt the shit out of your dreams!

Did you know that this is the censored version of this video? I went into this thinking it can’t be THAT bad. Little did I know that Taco was a racist mofo! I was pretty weirded out by the guy playing with a mouse to open the video.

Then Taco enters with his glow in the dark cane and face that just screams I am a murderer. Well, he’s just innocently dancing and singing and then out of NOWHERE at the :42 second mark comes two people in black face?!?! WTF!?!?  Why was this needed?  Who was the director of this video that said this was a GREAT idea!
How does Taco get away with this? Is it because he is just a figment of my imagination that only appears when I eat Mexican Food before bed? Nope. This 100% happened folks! Who was the MTV wizard that said you know what this “Puttin’ on the Ritz” video really needs? Taco doing synchronized dances with people in black face!?!? I’m still in shock right now!

If my nightmare isn’t bad enough along comes the weirdness at the 3:15 mark! This is when the tossing and turning begins as these characters are truly some of the scariest Yeti Vedder has ever seen!!! As the video ends this is where I wake up in a cold sweat and promise myself I will never eat Taco Bell before bed ever again! Little did I know that my horrible, horrible dream was actually a reality.

Dream Note: I didn’t have any people in black face in my dream. I do not dream in racist.

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