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When MTV Played Videos


Remember the good old days when MTV would only play music videos?  You didn’t have to worry about a 16 and Pregnant marathon or seeing the same episode of Jersey Shore nine billion times.  Artists didn’t try to be weird by wearing meat dresses or by acting like they were thugs.  They just played music and people danced funny and wore hilarious outfits and had fun.  Well “When MTV Played Videos” will be your reminder of these days!

This week I am showing you a CLASSIC!  How long does the beat of the rhythm of the night last you ask?  Oh, that lasts until the morning light!  El Debarge just Jheri-curling the shit out of this video.   Most depressing part is when they are dancing at the gas station and you see gas on sale for 89 cents!  That was back in the days when I walked barefoot to school in the snow!!  More guys need to wear gloves.  I say we make a pact!  We will all meet at a gas station this weekend.  I will blast this song like there is no tomorrow and we will just dance until gas prices are lowered!  Now that is a protest I can get down with!   No pun intended!  All gentlemen must wear red and white gloves!

P.S. Debarge may have the dirtiest mustache in history!  He definitely combed that with a very tiny comb!!!

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One Comment on “When MTV Played Videos

  1. TheWayIsHere
    May 24, 2012

    Straight gangsta shit right here.

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