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Who Doesn’t Love — Old People Dancing!?!

Old People Dancing

I have always wanted to make a TV show called “Old People Dancing.” It is always the best thing to watch. 

Any time you are at a wedding or a large event and an old couple busts out some crazy dance moves, it always makes everyone’s day! So this is my attempt at a pilot for an Old People Dancing TV show. Let me know what you think!

This HAS to be Usher in disguise, right!?! There is no way this is an old woman pulling off these pop and lock moves like no one’s business! She really makes me want to leave the one I’m with, so I can dance with her.  When she jumps out of the chair I’m nervous about two things. 

  1. Her hip giving out because let’s be honest … She is old.
  2. That I never want this video to end. This grandma has moves for days and you know right after she finished with this dance video, she knitted the shit out of a new quilt. Great moves, grandma!

First off, this kid needs to get the hell out of the way. This is called “Old People Dancing,” not young punk lips the words to “Rack City” and blocks the sweet dance moves of his grandmother! This grandma has background dance moves for days! She knows the words and I’m sure that after they were done filming this, she gave him a quarter for a pack of baseball cards. OR she figured out the words to the song and washed his mouth out with soap and made him pull up his pants and get a haircut … One or the other.

That blue and white sweatpants outfit had this yeti hot around the collar. Grandma can be in my rap video any time! Hey granny, call me maybe?

Well, we know that Ethel (that must be her name) has never met a piece of chocolate that she didn’t like. Then she does all of these seductive moves to Hot Stuff!?! How am I supposed to sleep tonight with visions of Ethel dancing in my head, knowing she’d pretty much do ANYTHING for a piece of chocolate! Perfect song for the perfect woman.

How do you top top Ethel? How about with three gentlemen callers dancing their old asses off to Billie Jean? You know they won the Old Folks Home Talent Show with this dance. You know these three ended up walking around as the cock of the walk for the year with that trophy. Every doll in that place offering them their pudding for a peak at the prized trophy.  

Moonwalk? CHECK!

Crotch grab? CHECK! 

Fake injury? CHECK! 

Old People Dancing has never been as good. Hey guys, if you are looking for three perfect matches, forget and simply look up the three ladies in the top three videos — and thank Yeti Vedder later!

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