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Yesterday Is Tomorrow

(By MommyHatesMe)

I was going to babble on about some other senseless crap today but I watched something yesterday that was too monumental to go without comment.

Yesterday at the Coachella music festival, (potentially) deceased rap icon Tupac Shakur was re-created via hologram to give a live performance to thousands in attendance. Yes, you read that right – a moving, speaking, fully-customized hologram of a dead person… that is some first-rate futuristic shit if I’ve ever seen it. It instantly brings me back to Star Wars when R2D2 shares Leia’s desperate cry for help that starts one of the greatest theatrical journeys of our time.

This really got me thinking about what this means for us all, where does this bit of technology bring us? The opportunity now exists for those of all generations to experience something as transcendent as The Beatles or Jimi Hendrix on tour. Tell me those shows wouldn’t sell out in a matter of moments but it goes beyond even that. Let the greats live on so I no longer have to be saturated with the drivel that is Nicki Minaj or Bieber Fever. Who needs ESPN Classic if I can watch a holographic remake of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game or Bobby Thomson’s ‘Shot Heard Round the World’ on my dining room table? I’m certainly no fan of politics but I’d be hard pressed to believe that a million or so people wouldn’t pack the reflecting pool to watch JFK redeliver his inaugural address.

Now onto why I give a shit about this… I have zero reason to ever be present anywhere that I don’t want to be. Work? Send in my hologram and I’ll just lay down in some machine and perform some real Bruce Willis type shit from Surrogates but with zero chance of dying. The possibilities are endless.

However, with all of this daydreaming has come the realization that there is still a lot of futuristic shit that I’ve been theatrically promised that is nowhere to be found. Flying cars seem to be making some actual progress but where’s my damn hoverboard Michael J. Shakes? I sure as shit wouldn’t mind popping on a pair of glasses and having a RoboCop like read-out about my current environment. Tired of that commute to work; throw your flying car into hyperdrive… or better yet just teleport there. Finally, I’d like a 3-D printer that just creates crap as I think of it. I need dinner, BOOM 3 course meal. My nitwit kid lost their favorite teddy bear, BLAM this new fuzzy replica will be sure to shut it up.

Technology will be our final undoing as a human race but until then let’s hurry up with some of the fun shit!

[Late Edit: There are now rumors buzzing around that holo-Pac may be going on tour this year with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. I can see the future people!]

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