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Mind of the Yeti: Brady, Biggie, and Icebox!

We live in a time now where athletes always put their contract ahead of the team. They “need to be able to support their family.” It is usually about the money and never about whether that team can win. It makes it tough as a fan to cheer for these guys. I am a huge Tom Brady fan. I am not saying what he did was a huge sacrifice, as he is still making more money then I will see in my lifetime.

But I love the fact that he took less, so his team could afford more. I love that — barring something crazy — he will always be a New England Patriot. He wants to see Wes Welker stay with the Patriots and get paid. He wants to see a team that lost in the AFC Championship game get better. That’s why I’m a Tom Brady fan.

Brady has never been the guy that was in a bunch of commercials, yelling “Chop that meat!” He was that QB that wants to win and did so more then any other QB in history.

Patriots fans have been spoiled. We don’t go into the season wondering if they’ll make the playoffs, but we wonder how far we will go in the playoffs. A Super Bowl run is EXPECTED year in and year out.

The only reason we can think that way is because of Tom Brady. He could have demanded big bucks and wanted to be the biggest name in the NFL. He has every right. I hate when people compare him to Peyton Manning. Peyton won one of two Super Bowls. Brady has won 3 of 5 and the two he lost were not his fault. David Tyree had gum on his helmet and Welker got a surprising case of the drops.

Brady is what Michael Jordan was to Chicago, Magic Johnson was to L.A., and what Derek Jeter is for New York. It’s weird to think of them with other uniforms on. Jordan did it, but when you think of Michael, you think Bulls.

I am happy that, as a Tom Brady fan, when I think of him, I will always think Patriots. He has a few more quality years left in him and I am psyched to see if he can get one more ring. I think he can, depending on a defense, one more wide receiver, and the health of Rob Gronkowski. I think the Patriots will do everything they can to get Brady that ring, just like he did to make sure that they could. He put the team before himself and it is refreshing to see a player — a legend — do such a thing.

David Gonos has Brady ranked as a top-five Fantasy QB once again for 2013 — and Welker would help his cause.

Now on to my deep thoughts for the week!

*When a woman hears spaghetti straps, she thinks the dress is sexy. When a man hears spaghetti straps he thinks of a dress made out of spaghetti that hopefully has two large meatballs.

*I don’t want to play around with Jackie Bradley Jr. Bring the kid up. I hate when you toy with a kid’s emotions and then you leave him down in the minors for that first month. Why waste those ABs in Triple-A? The Red Sox outfield is VERY suspect right now. You want to show the fans that you care? Play the kid! He HAS to be a better option against right-handed pitching then Ryan Gomes or Ryan Sweeney.

*The Lakers are at .500 again! This is the year! I joke, I joke … I am still in the mindset that if this team makes the playoffs, they are the second-most dangerous team behind the Miami Heat. Kobe Bryant is sharing the ball and every game Dwight Howard looks healthier and healthier. The game against Oklahoma City this week will be a big test to see if these Lakers are for real.

*Has this been the craziest year for college basketball? There is no way an expert helps you with the NCAA Tournament. This is the year anyone can beat anyone. I can’t wait for the brackets. It is my second favorite form of sports gambling besides Fantasy Sports of course.

*This new goat singing background music sensation is AMAZING! I love it. I can watch it over and over again and it makes me laugh every time.

*Which actress took home the Yetiriffic Award for Hottest Female of the night? Jennifer Lawrence was the belle of the ball AND just like Yeti Vedder predicted in his Oscar predictions, she had the most memorable speech mainly because of her fall.

Heidi Klum also looked smoking hot, but I feel that is unfair because she is a super model.

*Where was Eliza’s Oscar moment? It’s coming, boo. Don’t you stress. Just ride Yeti Vedder’s Fifth Period Lunch coattails and we’ll be partying at every Oscar party there is!

*Old School Jam Of The Week: Juicy by Notorious BIG. This is the greatest rap song ever!  Any verse that starts with, “Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, being dead broke man I couldn’t picture this!” Awesome!!!

*Tweet Of The Week: @NormanChad“Subway: Where Winners Eat.” Gosh, I’d hate to see where the losers are dining.

*Josh Beckett Douche Of The Week: Curt Schilling is seriously just the worst. I loved him when he helped the Red Sox when a title, but he is the biggest hypocrite out there. He said he would never be a media member — and the year after he retires he signs on with ESPN.

The guy loves being in the spotlight and now he is trying to weasel his way out of paying my home state of Rhode Island back the money he was loaned for 38 Studios.

Should we have given a baseball pitcher a loan for a video game company? No. Hell no! Rhode Island fell in love with the idea of a Red Sox legend having his business in Rhode Island. They didn’t think about the fact that it was a video game company owned by a pitcher. Pay back R.I., Curt!

*First, Abraham Lincoln was a Vampire Slayer and now Hansel & Gretel are Witch Hunters??? What is next? Bill Cosby The Pudding Sculptor? (I actually would go see that movie.)

*Is there a bigger tournament on a national stage that no one cares about than the World Baseball Classic?

*I am counting down the days until “Game Of Thrones” is back! Sunday TV just isn’t the same without either football or G.O.T. I’m simply left with Emmy Rossum’s boobs on “Shameless.” Thank god for Emmy!

*Where have you gone Shawna “Icebox” Waldron!?! Our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

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