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Vote or Die?

During the last election P Diddy tried to get kids to go out and rock the vote. The way he did this was by threatening them to vote or he would kill them.  That was the impression I got by the “Vote or Die” campaign

Who are we not to believe that P Diddy wouldn’t kill us for not voting?  He has the  money to buy dozens upon dozens of hired men to go out and look for those “I Voted” stickers and if you are not wearing one, BOOM, you’ve been diddled!

Anyway, I am not writing this to talk about P Diddy’s diddling habits.  I am writing this to stress the importance to go out and vote tomorrow. Even if most of this country’s voice is in either Ohio or Florida, we should all do our part.

It is depressing to me as an American that the American Idol finale gets more voter intrigue then voting for the leader of our country. People in other countries have died for the right to vote, yet in this country most take it for granted.  It takes you all of 20 minutes to go out and vote, so PLEASE take the time tomorrow and do it.  Whatever state you are in, make sure you have your voice heard.

In Rhode Island, our vote for president will be a wash.  I live in a very liberal state and most likely Obama is going to easily win here.  I am still going to the polls and I will still vote.  What most people don’t realize is there are numerous issues on each state ballot that do affect you.  Whether it be something like casino rights (R.I. has this), gay marriage (Maine), or legalizing marijuana (Colorado).  These major issues are happening all over this country.  If they win in one state then other states will ABSOLUTELY put them on future ballost, maybe as soon as the next general election.

One that sticks out to me is Prop. 37 in California.  This simply lets the consumer know what the hell is going on with the food they are eating.  Do you want to know if the food you are eating has been genetically altered at all?   If you vote against this it is like you are voting against knowing what is in your food, yet some people (farmers and big corporations) will vote against this!

SO Tuesday is a huge day for America.  Take some pride in your country and get out to vote.  If you want to know who I am voting for all I have to say is this.   Mitt Romney got Meatloaf to play at his rally on Saturday.  Obama had Springsteen and Jay-Z.  Yeti Vedder will vote for anyone who’s name rhymes with Yo Mama!

Meatloaf just tearing it up here!

Vote or die? You aren’t going to die if you don’t vote Tuesday, but you should take more pride in your country. Or else!

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