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Domestic Fight: Cats vs Dogs

Today’s argument is as simple as cats and dogs. Literally.  Most people are fans of one or the other.  I have a few friends and a brother that own both, but they definitely play favorites.  I think it all comes down to a few things.

I am definitely a dog person, mainly because I have always had dogs.  I have owned cats as well, and here is my perspective on both.  If you are more conservative, a person that likes a neat house and always has things organized, then you prefer cats.  If you like to party and are more of a social butterfly, you prefer dogs, but there are positives to both animals.  Here are a few points.

* Welcoming you home – A cat is never going to greet you at the door, jumping up and down EVERY SINGLE TIME you come home.  A dog absolutely will do this.  They are sincerely happy to see you every time.  It is a great feeling.

Winner – Dogs

* Cleanliness –  A dog will poop everywhere and anywhere.  They also chew up stuff and shed.  Cats poop in one spot, never chew up anything, and shed a little bit.  They even clean themselves, so you don’t have to give them a bath as often as a dog.

Winner – Cats

* Feeding –  Dogs will eat anything.   Literally.  You drop food on the floor they will help you clean that up in a heartbeat and be psyched about it!  Cats are very picky eaters.  Like going to dinner with a vegan.

Winner – Dogs

* The scary factor –  Cats aren’t scary…  Ever…  They have claws and may give a little nibble from time to time, but they won’t ever really hurt you unless you are being a douche.  A dog on the other hand may bite you.  I have definitely seen some scary attack dogs in my day.

Winner – Cats

* Ability to play games –  Dogs can fetch and follow orders like sitting, speaking, and giving the old high five.  A cat…  Not so much…  They can chase a laser like a beast, but only lasts for so long.

Winner – Dogs

NO cat is doing this!!!

* Pop Culture Factor –  DMX is never going to start saying where my cats at and start meowing.  There have been so many dog buddy movies, and when thinking about it I can’t name a famous cat.   Snoop Dogg, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin…  Where my dogs at?  Who let the dogs out???

Winner – Dogs

Arguments for both sides, but in the end Yeti Vedder is a dog man.  What I want to know is simple…  Cats or Dogs?

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