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So That Happened… George W. Bush Flips the Bird

Try and imagine you had no idea who this man was.

If I gave you the choices that he:

  • A. Owned his own chain of steakhouses.
  • B. Owned a car dealership.
  • C. Was once the leader of the free world.

You would choose A or B waaaaaay before C, right?

I love that he fixes his hair right before flipping off the camera. George W. Bush flips flips the bird at the camera!?!He was just giving the one finger salute bro!

We are all complaining about the 2 guys running in this 2012 election. I’m just happy this guy is back at the steakhouse or car dealership! I would gladly buy a car from him.  I would even trust him to make me a delicious steak.

I do not want the guy who flipsd the bird at the camera to be running my country. He did run the country? I’m too late? How did that work out?

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