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American President — Vote or Veto

(By YetiVedder)

So Thirsty Thursday went over like a wet fart.  When Yeti Vedder is wrong he is wrong, but he still wants people to think on Thursday.  Some weeks it will be fun stuff like drinks or potato chips, while other weeks I might get real deep and and ask you about politics or cartoons.  Politics and cartoons are pretty similar anyways!  If American Idol can get millions of voters a week, then FPL can get like 10-12.  Am I right people?

This first week we’ll start with a hot topic.  The presidential election is right around the corner and Yeti Vedder wants to know where you stand!  Are you voting for Obama or Romney?  I will never tell you who you should vote for!  I will tell you to be informed.  Take a moment and learn where each candidate stands on the major issues.  The best way to do that is to visit each candidate’s website and learn about them!  Look at Yeti Vedder being all responsible and stuff!

For Mitt Romney, visit here.

For Barack Obama, visit here.

Once you have visited both sites and become informed on the issues important to you, take a second and let FPL know who you are voting for!  This is like the real election, so whoever wins this will be the next president.  You obviously know this!

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