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Which President Should Be On Mt Rushmore?

Mt Rushmore is one of the most famous memorials in the U.S. You often hear about adding another president’s dome piece to this famed sculpture, but which president should be on Mt Rushmore? Whether because of political beliefs or just to get a conversation going.

It really is a great way to spark a debate.  Everyone has their favorite president and reasons they believe which president should be on Mt Rushmore.

Which President Should Be On Mt Rushmore?

Here are a few names that I have heard:

Barack Obama

Yeah, yeah, yeah…  I know he is the current president and some of you readers might have voted for him or against him, but you have to realize he was a giant step for this country.

Fifty years ago there was no way an African American could have become the president.  Maybe we add his face due to the progress we have made as a country?  I don’t think that this is a crazy thought at all.

Ronald Reagan

If it was up to conservative voters, this man would have been the king of the U.S.  He made Mr. Gorbachev tear down a wall and some people still believe he was one of the greatest leaders this country has ever had.  Does he win this one for the Gipper?

John F. Kennedy

You don’t remember where you were every day of your life. If you ask anyone where they were when they found out Kennedy had been shot, they can tell you a fully detailed story.  He was inspirational not only as a president, but the dude had Jackie as his first lady and Marilyn Monroe on the side.  ON THE SIDE!!!

Seriously, Kennedy did more for a nation in two years then a lot of presidents have done in eight.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

FDR held the office the longest and also guided us through World War II.  Can you have two Roosevelts on Mt Rushmore?  Always a possibility. He also died in office, so there’s no telling what else he could have accomplished. Maybe the question shouldn’t be “Which president should be on Mt Rushmore,” but instead, “Which Roosevelt should be on Mt Rushmore?”

Bill Clinton

I have always been a big fan.  I don’t care about his infidelity.  I do care that when he was in charge, our country was in a pretty awesome place economically.  It really was a great time to be an American.

So, which president should be on Mt Rushmore?  Who’s face would you hypothetically like to see up there?  I think John Adams is the Rodney Dangerfield of presidents. He gets no respect!  I think I would vote for JFK, though.  Maybe simply make a Mt. Change and add these five presidents to it? Let me know what you think!

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