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Why I Need Money

(By MommyHatesMe)

Money. We all want more of it and if we got it, we’d all be happier. In the recent times of financial crisis across the country this rings ever more true.

I’m certainly not going to say that any of the above is wrong as I’d gladly take it if a dump truck full of cash showed up at my house. But why do we need it?

I got to thinking the other day about why we need cash and a currency system at all? Why not just abandon money and go back to the old barter system where the market price for a good is determined with every transaction. Hell, if money was gone we’d all be rich, right?

My first response was to get angry at the financial institutions that hold me down and control me, get me up every morning to go to work so I can pay for things I don’t need, and leaves me feeling depressed after each ATM trip when I’m happy just to see 3 digits.

Then it hit me… trading for goods only works until someone decides they don’t want to trade; they want to just acquire. You’ve got shit I want and I’m just going to take it. Maybe you can defend your stuff, maybe you can’t and then I win. I get more stuff. This goes on so on and so forth until those that are best adapted at defending themselves have all (or a lot) of the stuff.

Side note: Sure everyone has bullets and guns at the beginning to make life fair but eventually ammunition runs out since nobody is getting paid to create more. We slowly devolve into swords, bow/arrow, and other actually skilled and athletic weaponry.

Slowly over time, the strong/fit would be better at keeping their stuff and the weak would have nothing. The weak would be forced into what is essentially slavery in order to get food and shelter to survive. They’d become the factory workers who would produce more stuff for the strong just to get “paid” in survival goods. You can either be a slave or starve and die on your own.

So where does this leave me? Well I’m certainly not the fittest fellow on the block, I can run from my chair to about the fridge and I’m not carrying all I need to survive on my back. My domain is the brain and I don’t do well as a slave.

Epiphany: Money was created by those who were physically weak to gain power over those who were mentally weak. If I have all of my “money” in a bank, it’s protected. These big dumb ogres can’t just be coming along and stealing my shit. Without money we’d have lawlessness and the weak would no longer survive. We’ve developed an entire civilization based on anti-Darwinism.

The strong don’t survive, the smart do.

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg becomes one of the most powerful people in the world without money? Nope. Chuck Norris would run roughshod over him in no time.

For my sake, long live money!

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