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2012 AL MVP Race: Miggy vs Trout

(By YetiVedder)

With the presidential debate that happened last night we are all thinking the same thing?  Who will win the A.L. MVP?  Yeti Vedder fooled you there, didn’t he?  I love the game of baseball and this MVP vote has sparked some awesome debate.  On one hand you have the best rookie baseball has ever had in Mike Trout.  The guy was simply a beast the entire season and is simply the definition of a five tool player.  Any other season he is the MVP.

Then Miggy Cabrera comes along and wins the Triple Crown.  This can’t go unrewarded.  I have seen arguments where people say well Ted Williams wasn’t the MVP when he won it.  That is because Teddy Ballgame was on horrible Red Sox teams that often finished third or worse in their division.  Cabrera carried that offense.  He and Prince Fielder were pretty much all that team had at the bat.  Name another hitter on the Tigers.  Austin Jackson is a good player, but the drop off after him is ridiculous.

Trout played with Pujols, Hunter, Trumbo as well as a great pitching staff and didn’t make the playoffs.  He also missed a month.  This is another bitter argument of people.  He missed a month and still had amazing numbers that would have been even better if he had played it.  Says who?  What if he slumped those two weeks?  Cabrera played the entire season and carried his team to a division title.  He won the first Triple Crown since Yaz and deserves to be recognized for his amazing season.   Give Trout Rookie of the Year.  Cabby is the MVP.

BUT if you voted who do you give your vote to?

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One Comment on “2012 AL MVP Race: Miggy vs Trout

  1. dustin
    October 4, 2012

    a no doubter on cabrera. the mvp selection process has this weird unwritten rule about how good your team is. meaning a-rod drops 200 homeruns in 1 season but his team misses the playoffs… you get the idea. if you had to, i think anyone could make a strong case for trout. but trip crown you won’t see again for a long, long time.

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