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A Look On The Bright Side for the Red Sox! :)

(By YetiVedder)

The Boston Red Sox season is over. They will not make the playoffs. I am a huge fan that hopes this post is a reverse jinx, but I will always say how I feel and my feeling is this team has no hope. When you lose to teams like the Twins and a slumping Indians squad you can’t expect this team to make the playoffs. So with less than 50 games left I have decided to look on the bright side of things. Find positives in a season filled with negatives, because this season has been dominated by a black cloud since day one. So here goes nothing… At least you know this post won’t be that long.

*  Cody Ross has been an absolute steal. He has been a pleasure to watch all season and if this team was filled with guys like him they would be a much better team.


*  Pedro Ciriaco?? Who are you?? I wouldn’t have been able to tell you 3 months ago, but this guy has been fantastic. I am not saying he is the greatest player in the world, but I am saying that since he has been up from AAA and the Sox have needed a clutch hit, he has done the job!


*  Felix Doubront has been a great starter. He has been the one consistent starter in the staff all season and I look forward to watching him pitch for years to come.


*  Will Middlebrooks! #WakeandRake Baby!!! Kid is a stud and will be a great add to this team for years to come.


*  The recovery of Ryan Westmoreland from a second brain surgery. The kid oozes heart and I’m sure I speak for all of the Red Sox fans when I say I wish him nothing but the best in the future and I hope to see him playing at Fenway in the future!


*  I will even give some props to the our high money guys. Adrian Gonzalez, Big Papi, and even Carl Crawford have all played well. I think if this lineup had been healthy all season that MAYBE the Sox would have had different results. The only thing is if you score 100 runs that is great. You just have to hope your pitching staff doesn’t give up 101!!!


All in all I hope this winter comes with some brand new starting pitching, a new manager, and some new attitudes. This summer has been a bummer for Sox fans, but at least they have had a couple of things to smile about.  Stay positive Sox fans!  As we always used to say…  Wait until next year!!!

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