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Angels OF Josh Hamilton Being Hamilton

Josh Hamilton, Texas Rangers OF

Angels OF Josh Hamilton will be wearing his fourth different jersey in his 11th year in the majors. Photo Credit: Keith Allison

ESPN – Former Texas Rangers and current Angels OF Josh Hamilton said the Dallas-Fort Worth area is not a true baseball town, in an interview with the DFW CBS television station on Sunday.

“There are true baseball fans in Texas, but it’s not a true baseball town,” said Hamilton, who while with the Rangers was booed during the AL wild-card loss to Baltimore at the end of last season.

“They’re supportive,” Hamilton said about the fans, “but they also got a little spoiled at the same time pretty quickly.”

I know that in New England anything sports related that happens outside of Boston, is largely ignored, but this story rubbed me the wrong way. I think it’s fair to say that Boston fans can empathize with Rangers fans too. Boston has seen its fair share of star players leave and later bash their former ball club. Looking at you Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez.

josh-hamilton-drunkEither way, Angels OF Josh Hamilton needs to get off of his high horse really fu**ing quick and stop acting like he put DFW on the map.

DFW put you on the map, bro. Dude could absolutely rake, there is no taking that away, but how good could he have been if he didn’t constantly have a needle hanging from his arm?

Could Texas have actually won a title if he wasn’t a constant distraction in the clubhouse? Who knows, but what I do know, is that Rangers fans can’t be spoiled.


We talkin’ ’bout Spoiled? How can a fan base that has never won a championship be spoiled? You gave this city hope, but you never cashed it in. Instead, you are running off to greener pastures, chasing a championship the same way you chase the needle. Enjoy the boo birds when you visit Arlington, Angels OF Josh Hamilton, you just burned another bridge.

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